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Performance Revolution is a site built specifically for motorsport enthusiasts who truly have a passion for their vehicle. Whether it be a car, truck, SUV, sport bike, dirtbike, get the idea. We want you to feel at home and know that you can count on us to get you the parts you desire on time every time.

We also have an OEM parts catalog in addition to our performance parts. Coming soon!!



The brand names listed ABOVE are just a fraction of the companies we work with. Please feel free to CHECK OUT OUR ONLINE STORE and if you don't see exactly what you are looking for please email us at:

Performance Revolution is not affiliated with or endorsed by Audi AG, Audi of America, AofA, AofC, Volkswagen AG, or Volkswagen of American or any other car company mentioned or whose logos are displayed in these web pages or our online shopping store. Audi®, Quattro®, Avant®, A4®, S4®, A6®, RS4®, RS5®, RS6®, RS7®, R8®, Allroad®, TT®, TTS®, TTRS® and Tiptronic® are trademarks of Audi AG. Volkswagen®, VW®, Golf®, Jetta®, Passat® and Beetle® are trademarks of Volkswagen AG. Our goal is to be as accurate as possible, that said, Performance Revolution is not responsible for errors in pricing on this web site. All prices are in US Dollars.

There are various parts sold that are intended for off-road use only and may violate state emissions standards. Please check with your state for all applicable laws and ordinances. End user assumes all risk with product performance and installation. Performance Revolution is not responsible for any bodily or mechanical harm and/or other damages as a result of use or misuse of any products.

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